We're Returning to Super Smash Con!

August 10, 2017

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Super Smash Con 2017

We’re returning to Super Smash Con this year, where for the first time ever, Icons: Combat Arena will be playable by the public. Find our booth on the show floor for a hands-on demo!

Super Smash Con holds a special place in our hearts. SSC 2015 is where we made the decision to start Wavedash, and SSC 2016 hosted one of our earliest private demos, along with our development panel and promotional spot. When we were deciding where to premier our public demos, the choice was clear. Super Smash Con is our home.

If you’re at SSC, we want to hear from you. Come play the build, give us feedback, and help make the game we’ve all been waiting to play.

Also check out this year’s Wavedash panel, which starts at 11am EDT on Sunday, August 13th. We’ve come a long way since last year’s panel, and we’re excited to share our progress. 

See you in Virginia!