Shadowbriar unleashed. New character revealed.

September 21, 2018

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Hey Icons community,

We're excited and a little spooked to unleash our new, battle-ready arena: Shadowbriar. 

Discovered on the other side of a mysterious portal in Yorian space, Shadowbriar is a realm unlike any the competitors of the Icons Fighting League have ever seen. Unlike the relatively tranquil landscapes of Malumalu and the Cloud Empire, the twisted forests of Shadowbriar are inhabited by menacing flora and demonic fauna – technology from other worlds works haphazardly or not at all, ensuring the dominance of the dark magic that pulsates in the air. How will the fighters in the League adapt to this battleground, and will they find any new challengers there who are worthy of joining their ranks? Shadowbriar is available to all players right now.

Also, coming on October 17, Ezzie, a bite sized witch who bites back, enters the fray. With wand in hand she comes to show that size isn’t everything. Reigning over the dangerous and eerie Shadowbriar realm has prepared her for anything that the other Icons can throw her way. With a twirl of her cape Ezzie flies into battle in search of new sources of magic to quench her thirst for mystical knowledge. Want to find out more about Shadowbriar and Ezzie? 

Watch Alpharad's Video - Ezzie and Shadowbriar Reveal

Look forward to more announcements and news as we get closer to October 17.

See you in the arena,

Jason Rice and the Wavedash team