Player Progression

June 26, 2018

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We're testing Player Progression this week. Here is a bit more insight about how it works!

What is Player Progression?

Player Progression is how you will earn rewards while playing Icons: Combat Arena. You will earn experience points on your account by playing Quick Matches. 

Once you earn enough experience points, you'll level up and earn a Portal Pack

You will also earn experience points for each character you play with. The rewards for leveling up a character will be specific for that character. Character specific rewards include taunts, base color variants, and skins! 

Help us test this new feature and let us know what you think!

There will be a level cap this week

We will be capping the max level to 10 this week. All levels and earned rewards will be reset prior to Early Access. 

Once in Early Access, there will be no cap on Player Progression. You will be able to earn Portal Packs with every level you gain. 

Check out some of the cosmetics you can earn through Portal Packs: