Icons Early Access Patch Notes 9/5/18

September 05, 2018

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This week the patch will include some quality of life changes which will enhance new player experience, animation updates, and bug fixes!


  • New users will receive daily login bonuses for the first 3 consecutive days. Earn Spectra and Portal Packs to jump start your gallery collection!

  • The 1v1 matchmaking queue is now the top option, with Free For All moving underneath.
  • Invincibility, intangibility, and Strike charge-up overlays now flicker.

  • [All Characters] Shield release animation frame duration:: 8 >>> 10.

  • A few animations see revision this week. Ashani S Tilt, Zhurong S Tilt, and Kidd Dair. None are different in concept or frame data, and are instead improved.

  • AI now defaults to "on" in training mode.

  • Improved logic for starting spawn locations in 3-player FFA and 2v2 team matches

  • If the host leaves during a custom lobby match, the client will now display a pop up at the end of progress screen indicating such.

  • Added UI messaging for trying to join a match in progress, rather than indicating a system error.


  • Fixed a bug causing enemies to teleport when they are released from a throw, particularly noticeable on Xana's F-Throw.

  • Fixed a bug where being hit on the first frame of a roll would cause the character to be in a bugged shield state requiring a jump to escape.

  • Fixed a few bugs with how grabs resolve in 3+ player interactions.

  • Fixed a bug where a respawn platform would stick around if a player that was on it left the match.