Icons Early Access Patch Notes 8/8/18

August 08, 2018

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This patch features a new sound effect on shield hits, and various bug fixes. No additional balance fixes until after Super Smash Con concludes!


  • Removed the non-functional requeue button from the Victory GUI. It remains on the progression screen.
  • Hitting a shield now plays a unique sound effect.
  • In Portal Pack unboxing, portals now display a category type in addition to the name of the item earned.
  • Fixing a bug where player progression could become messed up after level 11. This caused the progression bar to not line up well with the actual level progression that was taking place.
  • When going to the purchase screen for a character, the Gallery notifies players that they can try all Icons for free in Training Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where transitioning from air to ground during a chargeable move would transition to the incorrect frame. Notably, this caused Zhurong to be able to achieve a full charge Neutral Special (Phoenix Wing) without fully charging.
  • Fixing an issue with animation duration on Zhurong where they were off by one. Hitbox frame data remains unchanged; this change makes it more likely for hitboxes to line up with player expectation.

Also we've made some changes so players earn more Spectra and we're adding character unlock tokens!