Icons Early Access Patch Notes 7/18/18

July 18, 2018

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We've heard your feedback, and we've made some changes we think you'll like for training mode. We've also got some additional end-lag tuning changes!


Training Mode 

  • You may now play as any character in Training Mode.

One of the three major pieces of feedback we outlined on Saturday was that players would like a way to try every character. I'm happy to report that, starting today, all Icons are playable in training mode, including those you have not unlocked yet.  

This will give players a chance to find their main faster, as well as study matchups and explore the game.

We're continuing to credit everyone 1100 spectra when they start, so you can choose a character right from the get go. Training mode will now help with that pickup.

End Lag Tuning

We've made some adjustments to the recovery frames of various moves throughout the cast. Particularly on attacks that we don't expect players to be following up with combos, we wanted to increase the ability for an opponent to punish a poorly placed attack. We'll be taking a look at other moves in future patches, but these were some of the big offenders that we wanted to address in the short-term.


  • Side Strike
    • Frame duration:: 55 >>> 59


  • Down Strike
    • Frame duration:: 54 >>> 59

  • Side Strike
    • Frame duration:: 40 >>> 46


  • Side Tilt
    • Frame duration:: 30 >>> 35

  • Down Strike
    • Frame duration:: 47 >>> 50

  • Side Strike
    • Frame duration:: 55 >>> 59

  • Down Special (Ground)
    • Frame duration:: 55 >>> 60


  • Side Tilt
    • Interruptible on frame:: 34 >>> 39

  • Down Special
    • Interruptible on frame:: 44 >>> 50