Icons Early Access Patch Notes 7/12/18

July 12, 2018

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Icons is moving into Early Access! Shield Gust, Wallbounce and Character tuning, Low Spec Stages, New Stage Music, and more.


Shield Gust 

  • Shield Gust on Grounded Opponents reduced to the same knockback values as against Aerial Opponents.

In the previous couple patches, there have been some issues with Shield Gust against downed opponents and opponents just starting their jump.  We’re working on a more comprehensive fix, but aren’t quite there yet, so we’re reverting the grounded Shield Gust knockback values in the meantime to prevent issues where players get gusted too far away to even recover.


  • Knockback reduction upon wallbounce:: 25% >>> 33%
  • Hitstun reduction upon wallbouncing:: 0% >>> 33%

Wallbounces have been a point of contention for a bit. We tried reducing the remaining knockback when this happens to alleviate things. Unfortunately, we failed to reduce the amount of remaining hitstun, leaving this situation feeling quite bad. We’ve now added support for reducing the hitstun here and tuned things appropriately. Wallbounces should feel a lot better on the receiving end with these changes.

Misc Updates

  • Taunts are now bound to arrow keys, instead of the number pad, for keyboard users.

We’ll be looking to make these bindable in the future, but for the time being we’re shifting them to arrow keys to support machines without a numpad.

  • Taunts can now be activated while on the respawn platform.

  • In local 2v2 play, we’ve reinstated color outlines to identify which team a character is on.

  • Added a toggle for the AI in Training Mode in the pause menu.

  • Introduced dynamic Victory Pose durations so that longer Victory Poses play in full before going to the end game screen.

  • New staging loading tips! Each stage now has multiple loading messages that are chosen randomly

  • Can now spin items in the gallery using the right stick 

  • Cryostation and Wavedash Arena now have unique music tracks

  • The client now determines some recommended quality settings based on your PC’s specs. You’re welcome to tweak them further to improve performance.

  • We have added low-spec versions of all of our Arenas! You can now toggle this feature in Video Settings to help with game performance. You will also find a Materials quality setting here.

  • Added support for displaying the current system time. Find this toggleable setting in Video Settings.

  • Every character now uses their own unique animation for Holograms and Voicelines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a player could end up in a state where they were unable to drop through a platform after tech rolling on it.

  • Fixed a bug where a player currently in hitlag could become grounded. This primarily caused issues with spike bounces not functioning correctly when spiked close to the ground.

  • Players can no longer equip items on characters they do not own.

  • Fixed a bug where the store screen would remain despite finding a match in the Quick Play queue.

  • Fixed a bug where players would stay in matchmaking queue when entering the Portal Pack menu.

  • Fixed a bug where using random select in offline play could result in more than one player having the same skin.

  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to exit the Collectibles menu within the Gallery using a controller’s “B” button.

  • Fixed a bug where Collectibles tab navigation was vertical (up/down) instead of horizontal (left/right) as the visuals would indicate.


Last patch, we made some adjustments to Afi & Galu with the intention of increasing their power. After closely observing gameplay both before and after these changes, we concluded that the changes were instead a net-negative both in power and fun for Afi & Galu. 

To resolve this, we’ve mostly reverted their changes, as well as introduced a couple quality of life fixes. In the future, we’d like to take a closer look and see how we can help Afi & Galu out while taking great care to retain what makes them appealing to their current playerbase. 

For now, we hope the bugfixes and landing hitboxes added to Back-Aerial and Down-Aerial help with how it feels to play as Afi & Galu.

  • Back Aerial

    • Now has a 3-damage hitbox that occurs if they land during the move

  • Neutral Aerial

    • Knockback trajectory:: 45 >>> 60

  • Neutral Special

    • Throw animation duration:: 51 >>> 48

    • Galu Waterball Damage:: 4 >>> 5

    • Afi Fireball Damage:: 5 >>> 6

  • Side Special

    • Fixed a bug where Galu's sSpecial would not be usable again when grabbed or thrown. Afi's sSpecial was not affected by this bug.

    • Grounded version has +15 endlag (total duration:: 54 >>> 69). Hitbox remains unclankable.

    • Hitbox size:: 0.6 >>> 0.8 (VFX increased appropriately)

    • Damage:: 8 >>> 9

    • Base Knockback (Afi):: 70 >>> 50

    • Base Knockback (Galu):: 70 >>> 65

    • Knockback trajectory (Afi):: 55 >>> 45

    • Knockback trajectory (Galu):: 80 >>> 90


Kidd’s Down-Aerial was a big point of contention prior to the last patch’s KB adjustments to spikes vs airborne opponents. It’s a delicate balance trying to make it potent for comboing onstage without being overwhelming as an edgeguarding tool. That being said, it's clear that the new tuning is too cautious and removed many of Kidd's combo options, so we're nudging the base knockback up to open up those options once again.

  • Kidd’s abilities now have unique SFX.

  • Down-Aerial (vs. Air Opponents)

    • Base Knockback:: 10 >>> 20


We’re making a couple changes to Xana’s hitbox size & positioning on a few key moves with the primary goal of preventing opponents from low-profiling underneath them. We can’t account for all possible heights of an aerial special move, all possible distances and frames of animations of Xana’s opponents without the hitboxes getting silly, but we feel these small adjustments go a long way to making these moves feel more consistent and usable.

  • Xana’s abilities now have unique SFX.

  • Dash Attack

    • Moved the hitbox that exists on her torso downward slightly.

  • S-Strike

    • Moved hitboxes that are on her right leg downward a bit and increased their size.

  • Pivot-Grab

    • Grab-box duration:: 9-10 >>> 9-11

  • Neutral-Special

    • Fixed a bug where the final hitbox had a drastically higher base knockback value than the rest of the move.

  • Side-Special.

    • Grab-boxes re-positioned to have less overlap with each other for better coverage.

    • Grab-boxes reduced in size to account for the new lack of overlap

    • A grab-box that previously overlapped heavily with a grabbox on her hand has been moved down to her upper thigh.


  • Zhurong’s abilities now have unique SFX.