Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 6/27/18

June 26, 2018

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Player and Character Progression has been rolled out! Various UI improvements, additional gallery content, and character balance are also included in this patch. Read on for all the details.


Player and Character Progression 

When playing online matches, you will gain experience and level up for your efforts. Progression is separated into player and character levels, with differing rewards for leveling up in each. Check out our blog post on Player Progression.

Gallery Updates

  • A Collectibles tab has been added to the Store, featuring Character Select Tokens and Player Portraits! Unlock and equip them to further customize your experience.
  • Weishan and Zhurong have two new Victory Poses. Ashani has a new Victory Pose. Weishan has a new emote.
  • When purchasing an item for a character you do not own, a dialog warning you that you don’t own that character now appears.
  • When browsing Holograms, players will now see them in a grid-style format instead of a scrolling list, making them easier to preview and equip.
  • When attempting to purchase a character without enough Spectra to do so, a message would appear stating that your Spectra has been desynchronized from the server. Now the message states that you don’t have enough Spectra to make that purchase instead.
  • Various issues with character battle portraits addressed (positioning and supplying unique ones for recolors of some skins that lacked them before).
  • When playing locally, you’ll have access to the default skin as well as 3 recolors to enable unique skins with up to four players using the same character. You will still have to purchase those skins to use them online, however.

Tuning Changes

  • Taunt tuning

    • Respawn wait duration:: 1.5 seconds >>> 2 seconds

    • Taunt rate limiter:: 1 taunt per 5 seconds >>> 4 taunts per 15 seconds.

    • Taunting when you’ve met the flood limiter now plays a sound effect (only to that player in online matches)

With the recent inclusion of various types of equipable taunts in our last update (Voice Lines, Holograms and Emotes), we realized we needed to do some tuning to make these feel as expressive as we wanted them to. In this update, we’ve improved the feedback that your taunts are on cooldown, changed the limiter system to allow multiple taunts back to back (while still preventing full on spamming), and given a little more time between stocks to allow you to show off.

  • Spike vs. Aerial Opponents turning

We recently gained support for having different settings for a hit based on the air/ground state of the victim it made contact with. We used this to further tune spikes. Most spikes will now have weaker knockback against aerial opponents than they do on grounded opponents to balance edgeguarding and spikebounce combos; spikes will behave the same against grounded opponents. See the character-specific sections for the details!

  • Shield Mechanic tuning

    • Minimum shield percent: 30% -> 40%

    • Max shield tilt X: 0.3 -> 0.4

    • Max shield tilt Y: 0.55 -> 0.4

Shields are an important part of gameplay in Icons as they serve as the primary line of defense against attacking players. We’ve done some tuning to the minimum shield size (to which a full shield will deteriorate over time) to result in fewer shieldpokes, especially in cases where a player doesn’t make use of the shield tilting feature. We’ve also matched the shield tilting potency between X and Y axis, making it somewhere in between the previous values for each. You’ll also find that we’ve increased the shield size of a few characters, check the character-specific section to learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Zhurong’s shield gust animations were rotated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where Zhurong’s Down-Aerial had incorrect active frames.
  • Fixed bugs with Raymer and Ashani where performing a uSpecial close to the ground and landing would cause them to suffer through their full landing lag. Now the special will continue instead.
  • Fixed an issue where Afi’s Dash SFX played on frame 7 instead of frame 1 as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Galu’s turn animation was playing in the wrong direction.


Afi & Galu have been a bit undertuned for a little while now, and we're trying something to address that. The primary goal of these changes is to take a bit of power from their projectile (nSpecial) and inject it into their Side-Special (Spirit Tether). These changes aim to make them less projectile-centric. While dealing with their projectiles can be a bit of a nuisance, none of the quick characters in the Icons cast had much trouble with it beforehand, so in those matchups we expect Afi & Galu to experience a net-positive.

Grounded Side-Special (and landing during Side-Special) now has less endlag, making it much more useful in neutral or while comboing. We've also changed its knockback & trajectory data to be more conducive to combos. Additionally, we made this move unclankable, which was another thing preventing players from using this on the ground. To ensure that opposing players can deal with this, we've reduced the hitbox size of the Side-Special, making challenging the hitboxes a more viable strategy.

In other news, Down-Aerial has felt a bit bad when landing during the repeating hitboxes, often allowing an opponent to punish them for doing so. Afi & Galu now have a landing hitbox on their dAir to alleviate this. Neutral-Aerial's knockback trajectory facilitated neither edgeguards nor combos; we've changed it to set up for good horizontal positioning/edgeguards instead. Lastly, a bit of a polish change is reducing the VFX size of Afi's Forward-Aerial and Side-Strike to more closely line up with the hitbox placements.

We hope these changes overall make Afi & Galu more fun to play and a more formidable foe in the arena, but recognize that it's possible they have the opposite effect. We'll be closely monitoring how their gameplay plays out and are prepared to make further adjustments quickly if necessary.

  • Afi & Galu now have VO on their attacks! On certain moves, Afi & Galu will supply enthusiastic or excited grunts to grant additional impact to their attacks.

  • Down Aerial

    • Now has a 3-damage hitbox that occurs if they land during the move

  • Forward Aerial (Afi):

    • VFX size reduced by 5% to prevent it from looking like it should have hit, when its hitboxes did not make contact with an opponent.

  • Neutral Aerial

    • Knockback trajectory:: 60 >>> 45

  • Side-Strike (Afi)

    • VFX size reduced by 5% to prevent it from looking like it should have hit, when its hitboxes did not make contact with an opponent.

  • Neutral-Special

    • Throw animation duration:: 48 >>> 51

    • Galu Waterball Damage:: 6 >>> 4

    • Afi Fireball Damage:: 7 >>> 5

  • Side-Special

    • Aerial version will now be usable again if Afi or Galu are grabbed during/after use before landing

    • Grounded version has -15 endlag (total duration:: 69 >>> 54)

    • Hitbox no longer clankable

    • Hitbox size:: 0.8 >>> 0.6 (VFX reduced appropriately)

    • Damage:: 9 >>> 8

    • Base Knockback (Afi):: 50 >>> 70

    • Base Knockback (Galu):: 65 >>> 70

    • Knockback trajectory (Afi):: 45 >>> 55

    • Knockback trajectory (Galu):: 90 >>> 80


  • Down Aerial (vs. Aerial Opponents)

    • Base Knockback:: 25 >>> 10


  • Shield
    • Radius:: 0.825 >>> 0.9

  • Down Aerial (vs. Aerial Opponents)

    • Base Knockback:: 50 >>> 10


Raymer gets a few quality of life changes as well as some cleanup on his dSpecial. Back-aerial’s animation indicates that a lingering hitbox should be there, but it didn’t have one for quite a while. We’ve addressed this but made the attack a bit weaker to prevent it from being overbearing. Raymer’s height and previous shield size made him susceptible to shieldpokes from above, particularly after the recent hurtbox adjustments and this week’s shield tilting changes, so we have increased the size of his shield. Raymer’s dSpecial had some odd behavior with landing that we’ve cleaned up similar to how we fixed Zhurong’s a week or two back. The bullet Raymer shoots also has a fairly good amount of knockback, yet was forcing a getup against downed opponents; we generally apply forced getup status to weak attacks, so Raymer’s dSpecial will no longer cause this. Lastly, the hitbox Raymer has on his body during the dSpecial lingered significantly past when Raymer himself physically stopped moving; we’ve reduced the hitbox duration to line up with when his motion ends.

  • Shield

    • Radius: 1 >>> 1.2

  • Back Aerial

    • Strong hit duration:: 10-12 >>> 10-14

    • Damage of strong hit:: 15 >>> 14

    • [NEW] Lingering weak hit (10 damage, smaller hitbox, weaker knockback) duration:: 15-20

  • Down Special

    • Fixed a bug where Raymer could land with very few recovery frames. Now Raymer will always have at least 20 frames of landing lag when landing during this move.

    • Traveling Body Hit duration:: 7-23 >>> 7-16

    • Bullet will no longer cause a forced getup on a downed opponent, and instead send them away.


  • Down Aerial (vs. Aerial Opponents)

    • Base Knockback:: 25 >>> 20

    • Knockback Scaling:: 80 >>> 70


Similar to Raymer, Zhurong’s height and shield positioning made her particularly susceptible to shield pokes from above, moreso with last week’s hurtbox adjustments and this week’s shield tilting tuning. We’ve increased her shield to compensate.

  • Shield

    • Radius:: 1 >>> 1.2

  • Down Aerial (vs. Aerial Opponents)

    • Base Knockback:: 25 >>> 10