More Spectra and Character Unlock Tokens for Icons

August 08, 2018

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We’re pleased with the way things are going in Icons: Combat Arena’s Early Access phase, and today we’ve released an update that tweaks some aspects of the game’s economy and progression systems, including spectra in Portal Packs and guaranteed Character Unlock Tokens. Here’s a full breakdown of the changes:

Portal Pack & Level Progression Changes

Portal Pack

  • Spectra (Icons’ in-game currency) will now appear as a drop item in Portal Packs. The amount of spectra per item slot will vary:
    • Common: 25 spectra
    • Uncommon: 50 spectra
    • Legendary: 125 spectra
    • Iconic: 250 spectra
  • Character Unlock Tokens:
    • The Character Unlock Token allows players to unlock a character of their choosing in the gallery for use in all modes. 
    • Players will receive a guaranteed Character Unlock Token in the Portal Packs they earn upon reaching Level 2 and Level 15 (one Token per Pack).
    • Note that all characters may be used in Training Mode for testing purposes regardless of account level.
  • Existing players who are already past Level 15 will receive 1 free Character Unlock Token on their next level up.

Level Progression

  • Account level progression now proceeds at a faster rate for all levels.

Additional spectra for Founder’s Pack or Pro Account owners

  • Player accounts that have purchased the Founder’s Pack or the Pro Account receive an additional 200 spectra.

With these new changes, we look forward to seeing you all unlock new characters and kit them out with skins, holograms, and other fun items. As always, we appreciate you giving us your thoughts through the in-game feedback form, and and starting thoughtful discussion on TwitterFacebookReddit, and Discord.