Icons Closed Beta: Visual Updates 5/2/18

May 01, 2018

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New stage backgrounds! New footsteps! New... hair!

This week's patch is a big one: visual overhauls for several stages, new models for several characters, mechanical updates, new music, and even new footsteps. Read on for a sneak peek!

New Raymer

Raymer's hair is now as important to his silhouette as it is to him.

New Kidd

A consistent piece of feedback we received about Kidd was that his kicks didn't feel impactful enough. We're excited to report that, in addition to new shaders, new beard grooming, and a new rig, that Kidd has been serious about leg day.

WATCH NOW: Updated Wavedash Arena

Wavedash Arena gets an upgrade, including new lighting to help characters pop from the background.

Icons: Combat Arena - Wavedash Arena

SOUND ON: New Combat Lab Music

The laboratory where Ashani perfected her power suit has new arena music to match. Give it a listen!

Icons: Combat Arena - Combat Lab Music

Playable in Closed Beta TOMORROW

Look for more design changes in tomorrow's Patch Notes, including shield tilt and shield gust. These changes will be playable by all Closed Beta testers in tomorrow's playtest. If you're still waiting on your Closed Beta key, you can see the action starting at 3pm Pacific on Twitch!