Icons Closed Beta: Phase 2 Begins Next Week

April 13, 2018

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Icons: Combat Arena will be lifting the NDA on Closed Beta playtests!

Get Ready to Share

We’re ready. Are you ready?

Starting next week, we’re lifting the NDA for participants in the Icons: Combat Arena Closed Beta. Yes, that means YOU will be able to shout from any rooftop you wish! We’ve had a blast playing with you in the queue, and we’re ready to share that experience with the world.

When can I start sharing things?

Wednesday, April 18. Get your overlays ready.

Wait. I’ll be able to stream the playtests?

Heck yeah!

Any fine print?

This specifically covers anything in Closed Beta. We still have a lot under the hood we haven’t revealed yet. If you’re privy to such things, keep it safely secret. Rule of thumb: if it’s in the Closed Beta build, it’s fair game.

More Invites, More Players

We’re ready to pack the queue with new fighters! Starting next week we’re doubling the number of invites per week. Be sure to give new players a hand. Perhaps even write out that character guide you’ve been theorycrafting.

Fight On

Let’s grow this community together. We’ll see you in the queue!

- The Wavedash Team