Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 6/20/18

June 20, 2018

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The Gallery is open, hurtbox tuning passes, and slight fixes to Zhurong in this week's patch notes!

The Gallery is Open!

The in-game gallery and store is now available for beta testers!

Skins, emotes, taunts, platforms, and the all-new holograms. Deck out your character with all the flair a champion demands!

Read here on what you can customize in the Icons: Combat Arena shop.


Most characters have received a tuning pass on their hurtboxes. Most commonly, hurtboxes situated where a character's head is was not properly positioned to cover the whole head, leaving them difficult to hit in some cases. Additionally, Kidd didn't have hurtboxes on the lower section of his legs. This has been addressed. These tweaks are pretty slight overall but hopefully should make interactions with hitboxes line up more with player expectation.


Some minor "bugfix" changes to Zhurong. Her shield animations caused her to lean forward, which made doing things out of shield result in her warping backwards before doing them. We've edited her shield animations to address this and while we were at it we made her rolls line up with other characters in terms of distance traveled. In other news, Zhurongs Up-Aerial hitboxes now last a bit longer to line up with the VFX on them. Additionally, we addressed a bug that could cause Zhurong to have very few frames of landing lag when landing from her Side-Special.

Zhurong now takes advantage of a new rig! In general, minor improvements to animations should be observed. Others received special attention.

Shield animations, Rolls, and Spotdodge animations got an update. Rolls now go further.
Forward-tech animation revised to have more natural motion and travel a longer distance.

Hit duration:: 5-8 >>> 5-10

Fixed a bug where she could land with very few recovery frames. Now Zhurong will always have at least 20 frames of landing lag when landing during this move.