Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 5/9/18

May 09, 2018

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Preview Three New Skins & Balance Changes: Icons is kicking off a series of character skin previews! This week’s patch also contains minor balance tweaks and an adjustment to how shield gust functions on grounded opponents. 

Weekly Skin Previews

In this week’s build, beta testers will get a sneak peek at Shifting Shadows Zhurong, Patriot Kidd, and Greaser Raymer. These skins are only available for one week, so make sure to check them out before they go back into the vault. We’ll have a brand new set of preview skins to enjoy each week of the closed beta!

Skins Previews

  • Patriot Kidd
  • Shifting Shadows Zhurong
  • Greaser Raymer

Shield Gust

Last week, we introduced a set of changes to shield gust behavior, including some adjustments to make shield gust more potent against grounded opponents.  While this worked as intended in most scenarios, it ended up scaling oddly with opponents already in motion away from the guster, causing opponents to fly away very quickly when they were in the middle of dashing or rolling away from the guster.  This patch, we’re attempting to smooth out some of that behavior between shield gust and grounded opponents.

  • Shield Gust now resets velocity on grounded opponents before pushing them away


A couple weeks ago we increased the endlag on Kidd’s Down-Aerial to make it riskier to use offstage. We feel like this change was doing what it was intended, but was a bit harsh, so we’re dialing it back a couple frames.

  • Down Aerial
    • Total duration frames: 51 >>> 49


We noticed that the frame timing of Raymer’s FAir didn’t really line up with the animation, making the first hit unintuitive and difficult to land on an opponent. At first glance this may seem like a nerf, but this should grant the first hit better range, make it less likely for opponents to fall out of the second hit, and line up better with the visuals of the attack.

  • Forward Aerial
    • First Hit duration:: 8-11 >>> 10-13
    • Second Hit duration:: 16-20 >>> 17-21


Zhurong’s Up-Special was proving to be way too strong of a KO option given its speed, both on the sweetspot and at the tail-end of the motion to KO people off the top. The strong portion is a frame 5 strong attack that Zhurong can use to escape combos and set up for edgeguards, not outright KO opponents at 100%; its strength should now more accurately reflect its purpose. The weak hit of this move is intended to swat would-be edgeguarders away from the ledge area as Zhurong is recovering, not to end combos in kills. 

  • Up Special
    • Can no longer Reverse hit (hit an opponent in the opposite direction of Zhurong’s current facing) on any hitbox.
    • (Strong Hit) Damage:: 15 >>> 13
    • (Strong HIt) Knockback Scaling:: 90 >>> 80
    • (Weak Hit) Knockback Scaling:: 100 >> 60