Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 5/23/18

May 22, 2018

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Balance changes for Wall/Ceiling bounces, Jab knockback values, Ashani, Kidd, Raymer, and Xana! 


Weishan joins the Arena! The outcast brother of Zhurong, Weishan makes his claim as rightful heir to the throne. Using his bravado and flashy fighting style to win the loyalty of countless fighters, Weishan aims to usurp Zhurong and represent his people as King.

Weishan's Abilities

Neutral Special: Dragon’s Tail

Weishan raises his foot, channeling his qi into a stomp that summons a dragon tail from the ground. This move gains more range the longer you charge it, and can set up well for a followup.

Side-Special: Dragon’s Bite

Weishan stabs his spear forward. If the strike hits an opponent, he will impale them and flip them over his head. Be careful, though; a wary opponent can shield this attack.

Down-Special: Dragon’s Breath

Weishan charges up, then unleashes a fiery slash around him. While charging, weak attacks will not cause knockback, so opponents should avoid or come with a powerful attack to break through Weishan’s defenses.

Up-Special: Dragon’s Ascent

Weishan leaps upwards with his spear. Pressing Special a second time will send him crashing down spear-first. With proper timing and spacing, the second strike will send a foe plummeting downward.


  • Wall/Ceiling bounce knockback reduction:: 25% >>> 50%

    • Missing a tech in these scenarios have seemed too harsh for the victim, so we’ve toned down the remaining knockback after a bounce. Ground bounces are not affected by this change.

  • Jab combo knockback values tweaked across the board. Previously, these were all over the place, in some cases being very unreliable or resulting in the jabbing player being punished by their opponent. The new values are tuned to make Jabs reliably combo into the next jab in the sequence. Generally, the following data has been applied:

    • Damage: 3

    • Base Knockback: 30

    • Knockback Scaling: 0

    • Trajectory: between 70 and 80 depending on the jab (some jabs move forward, so a more outward trajectory makes them more reliable and prevents an opponent from ending up behind them)

    • SDI & DI multiplier: 0x


  • Shield Gust should no longer trigger counters.

  • Fixed a bug with animation rotation data

  • Fixed a bug where aerial grabs would cease all X-momentum if the victim was grounded.

  • Fixed a bug where using a move that would put you in helpless fall after being Shield Gusted with perfect timing would result in you not being sent into helpless fall

  • Fixed a bug where walljumps could be performed during a walljump

  • Counters no longer result in the countering character entering hitlag. The character that triggered the counter by attacking will still enter hitlag.

  • Fixed a bug where grounded hitstun animations would abruptly transition to idle when hitstun ended. Now, characters can act when hitstun is over but the hitstun animation will continue to play for visual fidelity.

  • Fixed a bug where Raymer’s Ricochet Shot (sSp) would send opponents left or right based on its original direction of travel rather than its current direction of travel.


We've tried some minor nerfs on Ashani but they have proven to be too little to make a difference. These changes are a bit more significant and generally focus on making Ashani more fragile, more punishable when she makes mistakes, and require more precision when placing and timing her attacks.

First off, Ashani is less durable than before. Her weight has been decreased, and her recovery specials leave her more open to punishment if used incorrectly. The change to Side-Special's endlag and gravity makes using it to recover riskier and less rewarding to do multiple times.

Next, almost all of her aerials have received a hitbox size reduction, as their previous state was simply too generous. bAir has received a minor knockback reduction as well as a bit more landing lag to make it less safe to throw out repeatedly in neutral. Her uAir has received a damage output reduction and its knockback weakened overall. It also has more landing lag, making it less potent and safe when used low to the ground.

Ashani's Up-Throw was given higher knockback scaling to make it worse for comboing at later percents, and her standing grab's grabboxes were tweaked to prevent Ashani from grabbing opponents who are behind her. We felt that Ashani's throw combos were still too potent for a character of her speed, so have toned them down again.

Other changes include some hitbox duration changes on Jab 3 and uStrike which mostly serve to prevent Ashani from hitting victims who are behind her/below her on these attacks, and a minor nerf to the follow-up potential of a properly DI'd Down-Tilt.

We feel Ashani is still strong despite these changes, but her gameplay should hopefully line-up more closely with player expectation of a character of her archetype now. We'll continue to monitor how she's doing in the coming weeks and make more adjustments as needed.

  • New model! Ashani is also no longer mirrored. Minor improvements will be observed on almost all of her animations as a result of a rigging update.

  • Attributes

    • Weight:: 95 >>> 92

  • Jab 3

    • Hit duration:: 6-10 >>> 7-10

  • Down-Tilt

    • Outer hitbox knockback trajectory: 80 >>> 75 degrees

  • Up-Strike

    • Startup frames:: 7 >>> 9

  • Back-Aerial

    • Sweetspot Base Knockback:: 35 >>> 30

    • Sourspot Base Knockback:: 20 >>> 10

    • Landing Lag Frames:: 10 >>> 12

    • Hitboxes decreased in size by ~15%

  • Forward-Aerial

    • Hitboxes decreased in size by by ~18%

  • Neutral-Aerial

    • Hitboxes decreased in size by ~20%

  • Up-Aerial

    • Strong hit duration:: 8-11 >>> 8-12

    • Weak hit duration:: 12-16 >>> Removed

    • Damage:: 12 >>> 10

    • Knockback Scaling:: 100 >>> 115

    • Landing lag frames:: 9 >>> 11

    • Hitboxes decreased in size by ~17%

  • Standing Grab

    • Moved the inner hitbox outward and downward a bit

  • Up-Throw

    • Knockback Scaling:: 90 >>> 100

  • Side-Special 2

    • Total duration:: 40 >>> 45 frames

    • Air version gravity multiplier:: 0.5x >>> 0.6x

  • Up-Special:

    • Helpless Fall Air Mobility:: 1.0x >>> 0.5x


Kidd's Down-Aerial’s tuning has been a bit of a challenge since the increase to spike hitstun. This change makes Kidd's final hit of Down-Air send victims into the air at 0%, preventing repeatedly comboing a grounded opponent with Down-Air. It remains a potent combo tool.

Additionally, Dash Attack has received a reliability pass like other grounded multi-hit moves throughout the roster.

  • Dash Attack

    • Base Knockback:: 25 >>> 20

    • SDI & DI multipliers:: 1 >>> 0

  • Down-Aerial

    • Base Knockback:: 30 >>> 50

    • Knockback Scaling:: 125 >>> 100


Raymer's Jab 3 will now send victims further away at lower percentages, while KOing later. This is compensation for making his jab combo more reliably (as indicated in the general section).

  • Jab 3

    • Base Knockback:: 40 >>> 50

    • Knockback Scaling:: 100 >>> 75


Not too much going on here, a data fix to dStrike to make it more reliable and a change to Jab 2's knockback to make it send victims further at lower percents but not KO until later percents than before. In accordance with the universal jab tuning, her Jab 1 should more reliably combo into Jab 2.

  • Jab 2:

    • Base Knockback:: 40 >>> 60

    • Knockback Scaling:: 100 >>> 75

  • Down-Strike

    • 1st hit Base Knockback:: 75 >>> 63

    • 2nd hit active frames:: 26-29 >>> 24-29

    • SDI & DI multipliers:: 1x >>> 0x