Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 5/2/18

May 02, 2018

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Visual Updates & New Mechanics: We've added shield tilting and have modified how Shield Gust works. We've also made some long awaited changes to footstep SFX. Check out the changes below!

Spike Behavior

Folks who have been in our beta for a while will remember untechable spike bounces from a few months ago. We disabled them because we didn’t have a good means of limiting the amount of times they could happen in a single combo, nor did we have a way of communicating that they were untechable. We feel like we’ve made good progress and are re-enabling the mechanic. Spikes should now be quite potent for comboing both grounded and airborne opponents, while feeling better for opponents.

  • Spike bounces re-enabled. A bounce will occur if the victim is moving quickly enough after being hit by a move whose trajectory angle is within 20 degrees in either direction of straight down (250-290).
  • On the first spike bounce per the victim’s airtime, that bounce will be untechable. This is indicated by a red version of our usual knockdown VFX. When this happens, the tech cool down mechanic is cleared, so if you attempt to tech an untechable bounce you are not punished for doing so.
  • On subsequent spike bounces, a victim can tech, but they will bounce if they do not.
  • When spiking a grounded opponent, the victim will suffer 25% more hitstun than normal.

Shield Gust

Part 1: Higher Risk and Reward

Prior to this patch, we’ve been a bit disappointed with how flat shield gusts have felt and we’re taking some steps to make the mechanic a bit more skill intensive and have clearer success and failure cases.  These changes effectively make it so that a shield gust is active for a much shorter window, making a failed gust much riskier, while also allowing a successful gust to be canceled quickly to capitalize.  

We are still testing these mechanics and iterating heavily, so we’re communicating them primarily through temporary visuals and sounds.  These will get updated as we get closer to the finalized mechanics, but we want your feedback before we lock this down.

  • Total Shield Gust Animation Duration:: 35 Frames >>> 45 Frames
  • Gust Active Frames (Windbox and Reflection):: 35 Frames >>> 15 Frames
  • NEW:: Successful Shield Gusts allow the player to cancel the animation after frame 20

NOTE: A successful Shield Gust is any Shield Gust that blocks an attack, pushes someone away or reflects a projectile.

    • Failed Gusts cause your character to glow red while they’re vulnerable
    • Successful Gusts play a clank sound once you’re able to cancel the animation

Part 2: Simplifying the Cost of a Shield Gust

The old model for Shield Gust cost was a bit counterintuitive, so we’re making some steps to simplify it this patch.  Previously, a Shield Gust would always set you to the same shield health after use, which meant it was effectively much cheaper to use when already low on shield.  This had some bad side effects (namely punishing players very hard for trying to reflect projectiles when already full on shield), so we’re moving over to a flat cost model.

  • Minimum Shield Health Required to Shield Gust:: 40% >>> 60>#/li###
  • Shield Gust Cost:: Always sets to 15% >>> 45% Max Shield Health

Part 3: Actually Push Back Grounded Opponents

Shield Gust has been feeling appropriate in terms of push back against aerial opponents for awhile, but has felt incredibly weak against grounded opponents. This patch, we’re introducing new values to use against grounded opponents to actually give the guster some space when they hit an opponent on the ground.

  • Knockback against Grounded Opponents:: 80 >>> 100
  • Min Angle against Grounded Opponents:: 45 degrees >>> 0 degrees

Shield Tilting

Shield Tilting: Players can now change the position of their shield via tilt inputs.

Shield tilting is something many players have been asking for for a while. We feel like shield tilting is an important aspect of making the degenerating bubble-style shield found in this genre interesting, allowing players to cleverly prevent shield pokes by moving their shield to better cover their character when a shield is low on HP. There’s a great deal of animation work involved in making this feature feel as good as it can be, but we’re exploring this in a temp, mechanics-only state to see what impact it has on gameplay for now.

Aesthetic Updates

Check out our Visual Updates blogpost for more information on the artistic improvements made in this patch.

  • Main Menu background updated.

  • Kidd and Raymer now have new models.

  • Character Shaders updated, including improved rim lighting for better clarity in game.

  • Post process motion blur added in game.

  • Combat Lab now has its own music track.

  • Revised footstep SFX to be unique per character.

  • New gun shot SFX on all of Raymer gun-related  attacks.

  • Stage beautification pass:

    • Zenith has been renamed and updated to Cryostation to give it a more unique and polished look.

    • Lighting updated on all stages.

    • Wavedash Arena geometry updated.

    • Combat Lab background updated.


  • Ledge protection added to Dizzy State (previously, characters pushed off stage by a shield gust would remain dizzy as they fell).
  • Fixed a bug where clanking with a high-damage move vs a clankable but unkillable projectile (such as Ashani's dSp) would trigger a clank every frame, launching the attacker backwards at high velocity.
  • Fixed the highlight state of many UI buttons, where they would play the hover SFX but not be highlighted visually.
  • Players can no longer die off the top of the screen if they jump out of tumble.
  • Fixed a bug where rollback could cause an animation to incorrectly play (most notably a throw animation on a grab that was missed).
  • Characters no longer stay in dizzy state when grabbed.
  • Fixed a rollback issue where most notably, a chargeable attack’s animation wouldn’t play correctly (such as Strikes).