Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 5/16/18

May 16, 2018

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Preview Three New Skins & New Arena, Forbidden Shrine! This week’s patch also contains a change to Wavelanding.

Weekly Skin Previews

The Weekly Skin Preview is back with three new looks for some of your favorite Icons. Harmony Afi & Galu gives everyone’s favorite duo a wood-grain look. Elite Ashani is ready for hazardous duty in the arena. And Vengeance Zhurong has an axe, ahem…  sword to grind with anyone who threatens her throne. Remember these skins are only available for one week, so try them now before they rotate out!

Skins Previews

  • Harmony Afi & Galu
  • Vengeance Zhurong
  • Elite Ashani

NEW ARENA: Forbidden Shrine

The portal connecting Zhurong’s empire to Xana’s homeworld Yoria has been sealed for hundreds of years. With the great stone seal suddenly shattered and the portal opened between their worlds, Forbidden Shrine has been unlocked as a brand new arena for Icons competitions. 

Forbidden Shrine features a single wide platform that floats above a walled base stage. This new arena also features a unique music track, inspired by the conflict that recently threatened Zhurong’s control over the Cloud Empire.

Icons: Combat Arena - Forbidden Shrine


This week we’ve done some tweaks to the leniency of successfully wavelanding (strategically performing an air dodge to cause your character to land with horizontal momentum). Players should now feel greater confidence in performing a waveland in all scenarios. As always, we're looking for feedback on this system and how it's functioning, so please let us know if there are any scenarios where Wavelanding still feels off to you.