Icons Closed Beta Patch Notes 4/25/18

April 25, 2018

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Being in Closed Beta means ample updates as we get the game just right. This week's patch is focused on tightening up our systems and tuning the cast, drawing on matchmaking data and your feedback throughout the beta.

Next week's patch will include some significant visual updates. Stay tuned!


  • Character shoving when models overlap doubled.
    • We've been noticing some awkwardness arising with Characters attacking or grabbing past each other when they're too close together. As such, we're increasing the character shoving value to ensure that these scenarios resolve more quickly.
  • Respawn invincibility:: 45 >>> 60 frames
    • We want Respawn Invincibility to provide the respawning character with a safe reset to neutral, but have been cautious about granting too large an advantage upon respawn. It's apparent that we've been overly cautious at the cost of making certain characters lose Invincibility before they're able to get their footing in some scenarios, and as such, we're nudging the Invincibility up.

Afi & Galu

Simple and short change here, we identified that Afi & Galu’s Up-Throw was capable of chaingrabbing certain fall speeds, so we’ve applied our chaingrab prevention system to this throw as well. The system activates when a character is grabbed after being thrown before they’ve escaped hitstun for at least 15 frames. Throws that can chaingrab have an increased amount of knockback if they are used when the system is active.

  • Up-Throw

    • Base Knockback increased by 30 when a Chaingrab State occurs


Ashani has been a bit overbearing in the meta for a while now, and we’ve been working to identify what exactly to change while retaining what makes the character fun to play as. We feel these changes serve to weaken aspects of Ashani that weren’t meshing well with her archetype, primarily balancing out the risk and reward of certain options or requiring more precision from the Ashani player. We noticed that several of Ashani's moves felt too generous in terms of end-lag, resulting in them being less punishable and/or leading to follow ups that were too guaranteed for her archetype. As such, we're adjusting the end lag on Dash Attack, B Air and Up-Throw. Her Up-Throw also received increased Knockback Scaling to weaken its followup potential.  It has also become apparent that many of her Aerials were simply too generous in terms of timing and/or spacing. We've taken a deeper look at B Air, F Air and U Air and adjusted their hitbox behavior to ensure that Ashani is a bit more deliberate with how she times and spaces them to get maximum payoff. Finally, we applied the Chaingrab Prevention system to her Dthrow to prevent some matchup specific chaingrabs that were previously missed.

  • Dash Attack

    • Total duration frames:: 40 >>> 45

  • Back Aerial

    • Hitbox active frames:: 9-15 >>> 10-15

    • Interruptible frame:: 36 >> 38

    • Sourspot now prioritizes over the sweetspot.

  • Forward-Aerial

    • Hitbox active frames:: 13-18 >>> 13-16

  • Up-Aerial

    • Hitbox active frames:: 6-16 >>> 8-16

    • Strong hit active frames:: 6-10 >>> 8-11

  • Up-Throw

    • Actionable on frame: 45 >>> 48

    • Knockback scaling: 80 -> 90.

  • Down-Throw

    • Base Knockback increased by 30 when a Chaingrab State occurs


A few changes to problem moves here on Kidd. Generally, his kit is working out very well, but a few are either too strong compared to other similar options in the game or are overshadowing other options in his kit making decisions less meaningful.

Kidd’s Dair wasn’t presenting appropriate risk to the player when used offstage, as it was killing at extremely low percentages without giving the opponent an opportunity to capitalize on a missed spike. We’ve decreased its knockback values and added a good bit of endlag to it. You should still be able to spike your opponents and recover with Kidd, but it will be a bit riskier and might not be a guaranteed kill until higher percents.  Next, Kidd’s Fair was a bit of a swiss army knife in utility, making it hard for players to justify using his Nair or some of his grounded options. We’ve made it a bit weaker as a killing move and increased its landing lag slightly, requiring players space correctly if they are to remain safe on an opponent’s shield. We feel this makes a meaningful decision between Fair and his Nair, which lacks the range that Fair has but has significantly less landing lag.

Lastly, his dStrike was simply too powerful given its knockback angle and range. We’ve decreased its damage (which decreases its knockback) to be a bit more reasonable.

  • Down-Aerial

    • Base Knockback:: 50 >>> 30

    • Knockback Scaling:: 150 >>> 125.

    • Total duration frames: 41 >>> 51

  • Forward-Aerial

    • Damage:: 13 >>> 12.

    • Knockback Angle:: 40 >>> 45

    • Landing lag frames:: 12 >>>15

  • Down Strike

    • Damage:: 14 >>> 13


We’ve made a few quality of life changes here. Xana’s grabs were a bit of a sore point for players as they would frequently miss when the grabber was “too close” to the opponent, often ensuring a punish from the opponent. We’ve adjusted their grab boxes to prevent this in most cases. Additionally, a lot of inconsistencies existed in the knockback properties between the Air and Grounded versions of Xana’s dSpecial. We’ve matched up the behavior here, using the grounded version as a base, and additionally improved the knockback angle for more reliable followups.

  • Dash Grab, Standing Grab, and Pivot Grab

    • Changes made to grab boxes to try to prevent the grab whiffing when too close to an opponent.

  • Down-Special (Ground)

    • Knockback Angle (Ground):: 74 >>> 80

  • Down-Special (Air)

    • Knockback Angle:: 65 >>> 80

    • Base Knockback :: 100 >>> 90

    • Knockback Scaling:: 0 >>> 30