Icons Character Reveal: Weishan, The Imperious Prince

May 23, 2018

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The newest Icons character brings his guan dao to battle

His rebellion against his sister in tatters, Prince Weishan retreated through the Cloud Empire's portal and found himself in Yorian star space. Now he seeks to rebuild his influence as a fighter in the Icons League, wielding a massive guan dao as he cuts through his adversaries.

Strong and savage, Weishan is a mighty fighter that pressures his opponents at mid-range and overpowers them with big hits. His specials reward reading the enemy and following up with a brutal punish.

  • Dragon's Tail (Neutral Special): Weishan raises his foot, channeling his qi into a stomp that summons a dragon tail from the ground.
  • Dragon's Bite (Side Special): Weishan stabs his spear forward. If the strike hits an opponent, he will impale them and flip them over his head.
  • Dragon's Breath (Down Special): Weishan charges up, then unleashes a fiery slash around him. While charging, weak attacks will not cause knockback.
  • Dragon's Ascent (Up Special): Weishan leaps upwards with his spear. Pressing Special a second time sends him crashing down spear-first.

Weishan is the younger child of the previous Empress of the Cloud Empire. The royal family groomed his sister, Zhurong, to rule the kingdom, while Weishan trained for command. Of the many fighting styles and weapons he learned as a youth, the savagery and effectiveness of the guandao attracted him most of all.

The death of the Empress brought sweeping changes to the Cloud Empire as Zhurong moved swiftly to consolidate her power, aligning with the ruling families of the rich highlands. It is unknown in the wider galaxy just what pit brother against sister, but Icons League fans whisper of rebellion, war, and a betrayal that struck down Weishan's army right before their victory.

What is known: marshaling every trace of his command training, Weishan united his scattered forces for one final assault on the royal family's most closely guarded secret. The army tore its way to the Forbidden Shrine, allowing Weishan to destroy the stone seal and carve an entrance to the stars.

The prince stepped through, swearing to earn the riches and influence Zhurong had used against him, and to return with an army she couldn't corrupt.