Icons Challenger Circuit: Week Two Recap

August 02, 2018

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Upsets! Get your upsets here! After a Week One of domination by the notorious MrMime, things got pretty interesting in Week Two in the Icons Challenger Circuit, Season: Zero. Is MrMime still on top, or has someone overtaken his seven-point lead in the standings after Week One? What happened at the Icons in-person qualifier at Low Tier City 6? Read on to find out.

July 25 - Icons Wavedash Wednesday 2

In the second of four official online qualifiers, 77 entrants brought the heat, and one appropriately named HyperFlame (a veteran pro-level platform fighting game player) ended up ruling the roost. HyperFlame performed admirably in bracket, not dropping a game in three matches (including against Hylian - CBCR #5) and then taking a game off of Ulsi (CBCR #2) before dropping to the lower bracket. He fought his way through JFyst (CBCR #3), Tandori, Arikie (CBCR #9), and RiDEL before winning both grand finals sets 3-1 against Ulsi. Ulsi, who was second in the circuit standings last week, only played two matches before Top 8 due to DQs, but then faced Arikie and eventual third-place winner RiDEL before encountering HyperFlame again.

MrMime (BackstreetNSYNC - CBCR #1) was dominating in bracket until he ran up against RiDEL’s Afi & Galu, who swept him right before Top 8, and then Hylian’s Zhurong performed the same feat immediately afterwards to knock him out of the event.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: HyperFlame (Kidd) - $100 Steam Gift Card, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Ulsi (Kidd/Weishan) - $50 Steam Gift Card, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: RiDEL (Afi & Galu) - $25 Steam Gift Card, 2 Circuit Points

  • 4th: Arikie (Raymer) - 1 Circuit Point

July 27-28 - Low Tier City 6 In-Person Qualifier

It turns out that Wavedash Wednesdays 2 was just a warmup for HyperFlame. The LTC6 live event hosted 55 competitors who battled through pools, Top 16, and then Top 8 before the winner stood unconquered, and HyperFlame was more than up to the challenge. After emerging first in his pool, he made it to Top 8 by bopping WonderBop (CBCR #8) 3-0. He once again found a worthy opponent in fellow Kidd main Ulsi, making it out 3-2 after an incredibly contested set.

In the winners final, the cerebral "HyperBrain" encountered charismatic Zhurong main and Smash 4 pro PG.ESAM, who fell 3-1. The grand final against Weishan main Jocamo was action-packed, as Jocamo had been riding a wave of momentum through the lower bracket since Top 16, even sweeping YG.Sokokopuffs (who had knocked Ulsi out of the event). But ultimately HyperFlame prevailed 3-2, proving that his Icons skill doesn’t buckle under in-person pressure.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: HyperFlame (Kidd) - $330, 10 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Jocamo (Weishan) - $165, 8 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: PG.ESAM (Zhurong) - $55, 6 Circuit Point

  • 4th: YG.Sokokopuffs (Raymer) - 5 Circuit Points

  • 5th: Ulsi (Kidd) - 4 Circuit Points

  • 5th: Tandori (Raymer) - 4 Circuit Points

  • 7th: Brocal.Tealz - 2 Circuit Points

  • 7th: Morsecode762 - 2 Circuit Points

July 31 - Hycons 5 Community Qualifier

43 competitors entered Hycons 5, but only four made it out with circuit points to climb the ICC standings. Absent some of the fresher faces from the previous two tournaments, the closed-beta diehards came back with a vengeance. While MrMime and Ulsi predictably did very well, chomping through the upper bracket until they encountered each other at the winners final, JFyst had a much more eventful run. He was knocked into the lower bracket in the first round due to a DQ and went on a tear through 5 best-of-threes, only dropping one game, then dominated 4 more best-of-fives to get to the grand finals (including Hylian, WonderBop, and Ulsi). His back to the wall and MrMime up 2-0 in the grand finals, JFyst evened the set 2-2 with his Ashani and was on the verge of resetting the bracket, but the Weishan player sealed another tournament win 3-2, defending his place at the top of the standings.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: MrMime (Weishan) - Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: GSG.JFyst (Ashani/Zhurong) - 3 Circuit Points, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket

  • 3rd: Ulsi (Kidd) - 2 Circuit Points, Icons Popsocket

  • 4th: WonderBop (Ashani) - 1 Circuit Point

Icons Challenger Circuit Point Standings

That wraps it up for this past week in the Icons Challenger Circuit. Here are the Circuit Point standings as of August 1 (Circuit Points will be used for seeding at the ICC Finals at Super Smash Con 2018):

  • 1st: MrMime - 21 points

  • 2nd: Ulsi - 18 points

  • 3rd: HyperFlame - 15 points

  • 4th: Jocamo - 8 points

  • 4th: Liberation - 8 points

  • 6th: GSG.JFyst - 6 points

  • 6th: Tandori - 6 points

  • 6th: PG.ESam - 6 points

  • 9th: YG.Sokokopuffs - 5 points

  • 10th: MB.WonderBop - 3 points

Following the end of the Icons Challenger Circuit, the Top 8 circuit point finishers will receive one (1) Icons character Metal Poster of their choosing.


This upcoming week, The Wonder Games #7 is scheduled for August 4 and Hycons 6 is scheduled for August 6. Wavedash Wednesdays 3 took place on August 1, and we’ll have the recap for you all next week. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and hop into our Discord for updates on all things Icons!