Icons Challenger Circuit: Week Three Recap

August 09, 2018

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The first half of the Icons Challenger Circuit, Season: Zero has come and gone, and we’re just two days away from the ICC Finals at Super Smash Con 2018. While the SSC tournament is open-entry, the Circuit Points that Icons players have been racking up in online and in-person qualifiers will be used for seeding, which can be a huge factor in a competitor’s tournament success (not to mention all of the competitive experience that comes with those points). Without further ado, let’s get into the qualifiers from this past week.

August 1 - Icons Wavedash Wednesday 3

JFyst continued his rampage from Hycons 5 the day before where he took second place, but this time he kept to the winner’s side of this 70-person bracket and took his first tournament gold. Neither JFyst nor MrMime dropped a single game until they met each other in winners finals, which was impressive for JFyst in particular because his opponents included Cicero and eventual third-place winner Wes.

Wes, who mains Raymer, is actually a pro-level platform fighting game player who was competing as early as 2003. After being knocked down to the lower bracket by JFyst four rounds in, he eventually defeated Hylian 3-1 and WonderBop 3-2 before succumbing to MrMime’s Weishan 3-1.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: GSG.JFyst (Ashani) - $100 Steam Gift Card, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: MrMime/BackstreetNSYNC (Weishan) - $50 Steam Gift Card, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: DA.Wes (Raymer) (Afi & Galu) - $25 Steam Gift Card, 2 Circuit Points

  • 4th: MB.WonderBop (Ashani) - 1 Circuit Point

August 4 - The Wonder Games #8

While this qualifier was smaller than most at 38 competitors, it had plenty of talent and competition. Magi, who placed in Libverse 2, returned with a vengeance, dropping down to lower bracket only after being defeated in winners finals by MrMime and then shutting out Ulsi 3-0 to return to face MrMime in grand finals. While MrMime prevailed 3-2, it became clear that Magi is a threat who shouldn’t be overlooked in any tournament. Meanwhile, the lower bracket was a slugfest, with WonderBop taking his revenge on Wes 3-0 in a rematch of Wavedash Wednesday 3 and Ulsi fighting through five matches to reach losers final, including 2 five-game series against Cicero and WonderBop.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: MrMime (Weishan) - Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Magi (Kidd) - 3 Circuit Points, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket

  • 3rd: Ulsi (Kidd/Weishan) - 2 Circuit Points, Icons Popsocket

  • 4th: MB.WonderBop (Ashani) - 1 Circuit Point

August 6 - Hycons 6

Hycons 6 shook out similarly to The Wonder Games #8, and even had the same number of competitors at 38. If anyone had any doubts about MrMime’s online supremacy after last week, those doubts should be assuaged by his fifth first-place finish. He shut out YG.Sokokopuffs (who placed fourth in Low Tier City 6) and WonderBop, then defeated Kidd mains Ulsi and Magi in 3-2 sets for winners final and grand final, respectively. Arikie (CBCR #9) ended up trading sets with Magi, knocking the latter down to the lower bracket 2-1 in Top 12 before tasting defeat at Magi’s hands in the losers semi-final 3-0. Magi finished another great lower bracket run by defeating Ulsi 3-2 before their grand finals showing.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: MrMime (Weishan) - Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Magi (Kidd) - 3 Circuit Points, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket

  • 3rd: Ulsi (Kidd/Ashani) - 2 Circuit Points, Icons Popsocket

  • 4th: Arikie (Raymer/Ashani) - 1 Circuit Point

Icons Challenger Circuit Point Standings

That wraps it up for Week Three of the Icons Challenger Circuit. Here are the full Circuit Point standings as of August 8. Players with identical point totals are listed together and any additional points they’ve earned over last week are in parentheses. Note that this list does not include results from Icons Wavedash Wednesday 4.

  • 1st: MrMime - 34 points (+13 pts)

  • 2nd: Ulsi - 22 points (+4)

  • 3rd: HyperFlame - 15 points

  • 4th: GSG.JFyst - 11 points (+5)

  • 5th: Liberation, Jocamo - 8 points

  • 7th: Magi - 7 points (+6)

  • 8th: Tandori, PG.ESAM - 6 points

  • 10th: MB.WonderBop (+2), YG.Sokokpuffs - 5 points

  • 12th: DWAI.Cicero, RiDEL, Arikie (+1), Morsecode762, Brocal.Tealz, DA.Wes (+2) - 2 points

  • 18th: SirPulse - 1 point

Following the end of the Icons Challenger Circuit, the Top 8 circuit point finishers will receive one (1) Icons character Metal Poster of their choosing.


The ICC Season: Zero Finals tournament at Super Smash Con begins tomorrow, August 10. It’s capped at 64 participants and will include HyperFlame, Ulsi, Tandori, DWAI.Cicero, PG.ESAM, veteran platform fighting game competitor and commentator Husband, DA.Wes, and many more. Who will take home the first-ever Icons official circuit championship trophy? Find out on Saturday by watching the tournament livestream at twitch.tv/vgbc at approximately 4pm EDT (UTC -4). We’ll be back next week with the final wrap-up of Icons Challenger Circuit Season: Zero!