Icons Challenger Circuit: Week One Recap

July 26, 2018

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The first four online qualifier tournaments for Icons Challenger Circuit are in the books, kicking off Season: Zero with hundreds of entrants, edge-of-your-seat five-game grand finals sets, and fabulous prizes. A glance at the top finishers proves that practice makes perfect, as many of them are familiar names from the Icons Closed Beta Community Ranking (CBCR). Let’s take a quick look at each tournament and see which players are that much closer to top seeding at the Challenger Circuit Finals at Super Smash Con and the first Icons: Combat Arena trophy.

July 18 - Icons Wavedash Wednesday 1

In the first official Wavedash online qualifier, 151 entrants competed for notoriety, circuit points, and sweet, sweet loot. MrMime (CBCR #1) only dropped one game out of 4 best-of-threes on his way to Top 8. Ulsi (CBCR #2), for his part, was stomping through the bracket until he took an 0-2 against Arikie (CBCR #9) in upper bracket semis; Ulsi’s Kidd then had to jetpack headbutt his way through the lower bracket, dropping only two games in 4 best-of-fives to get to the grand finals. 

MrMime’s Weishan was fresh off of two 3-0 shutouts against Arikie and Tandori, but met his match in Ulsi, who had the momentum on a 2-2 grand finals scoreline going into the final game on Forbidden Shrine. MrMime managed to combo his way to the win on a series of guandao strikes, sealing his victory as Kidd shot into the sky.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: MrMime/BackstreetNSYNC (Weishan) - $100 Steam Gift Card, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Ulsi (Kidd) - $50 Steam Gift Card, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: Tandori (Raymer) - $25 Steam Gift Card, 2 Circuit Points

  • 4th: JFyst (Ashani) - 1 Circuit Point

July 21 - Hycons 4 Community Qualifier

61 entrants warmed up their controllers for Hycons 4. Liberation (CBCR #4) cruised through the bracket on the way to Top 3, only dropping two games in four matches. Meanwhile, MrMime showed off a pocket Raymer in two matches before settling back down to Weishan for Top 12. 

While a five-game series against WonderBop’s Ashani nearly sent MrMime down to the lower bracket in Top 6, it wasn’t until he met Liberation in upper bracket finals that he tasted defeat; he then eked out a 3-2 win against Cicero’s Zhurong for another grand finals appearance. Liberation’s Xana was prepared, though, and secured the tournament victory 3-1.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: Liberation (Xana) - Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: MrMime/BackstreetNSYNC (Weishan/Raymer) - Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: Cicero (Zhurong) - Icons Popsocket, 2 Circuit Point

  • 4th: SirPulse (Xana) - 1 Circuit Point

July 22 - Libverse 2 Community Qualifier

62 competitors graced the bracket in Libverse 2. It was a great day for Kidd players, as Ulsi improved on his Wavedash Wednesdays 1 performance to take the whole tournament and Magi from The Wonder Games #6 took fourth place. Ulsi’s run through the upper bracket was phenomenal, dropping zero games in four sets, including a 3-0 against Liberation in Top 6 where Lib switched to Weishan after game 1. 

Although the tenacious MrMime gave him trouble in upper bracket finals and grand finals, Ulsi went the distance, clinching each set 3-2. Unseeded Magi also had an impressive run, dropping only one game in the six sets they won, including a 2-0 against Cicero and 3-1 against Tandori.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: Ulsi (Kidd) - Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: MrMime/BackstreetNSYNC (Weishan/Raymer) - 3 Circuit Points, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket

  • 3rd: JFyst (Ashani) - 2 Circuit Points, Icons Popsocket

  • 4th: Magi (Kidd) - 1 Circuit Point

July 23 - The Wonder Games #7 Community Qualifier

Amid a competitor pool of 59, WonderBop, who took fifth at Hycons 4, was clearly motivated to push Ashani’s power suit as far as it could go. The Bop delivered, persevering through four sets until he was knocked down to the lower bracket by eventual tournament winner MrMime in Top 3 and then eliminated by Liberation. 

While MrMime busted his Raymer out in one set early on in the upper bracket, Liberation waited until the first set of grand finals against MrMime’s Weishan to break out his own Weishan in game 3. However, Liberation lost that game and switched back to Xana to win the set 3-2 and reset the bracket for grand finals set 2. 

The second grand finals set demonstrated MrMime’s resourcefulness in a reverse sweep where his Weishan took three stages in a row in response to Liberation’s commanding 2-0 lead.

Prize winners:

  • 1st: MrMime/BackstreetNSYNC (Weishan/Raymer) - Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Liberation (Xana/Weishan) - Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: WonderBop (Ashani) - Icons Popsocket, 2 Circuit Point

  • 4th: Ulsi (Kidd) - 1 Circuit Point

Icons Challenger Circuit Point Standings

That wraps it up for this past week in the Icons Challenger Circuit. Here are the Circuit Point standings so far (Circuit Points will be used for seeding at the ICC Finals at Super Smash Con 2018):

  • 1st: MrMime/BackstreetNSYNC - 16 points

  • 2nd: Ulsi - 9 points

  • 3rd: Liberation - 8 points

  • 4th: JFyst - 3 points

  • 5th: Cicero - 2 points

  • 5th: WonderBop - 2 points

  • 5th: Tandori - 2 points

  • 8th: SirPulse - 1 point

  • 8th: Magi - 1 point

This upcoming week, the Icons Challenger Circuit will have its first (and only) Season: Zero in-person qualifier at Low Tier City 6 on July 27-29 in Irving, Texas at the Let’s Play Gaming Expo. 

Ulsi, Tandori, WonderBop, Dr. Drew the Dragon, and many more will be competing, as well as pro Smash players Dignitas.HugS and PG.ESAM. The tournament will be streamed on Twitch, so be sure to follow Icons on Twitter to find out when and where to tune in. The Hycons 5 online community qualifier will follow on July 31, so sign up now to enter!