Customize your Icon with hundreds of items in the Gallery

June 19, 2018

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The in-game Gallery and Store is now available for beta testers

Skins, emotes, taunts, platforms, and the all-new holograms. Deck out your character with all the flair a champion demands!

Read on about what you can customize in the Icons: Combat Arena shop.


Look as dashing or threatening as you please by donning a new look. Skins provide alternative looks and color arrangements, ranging from interesting twists to full re-imaginings of the character.


Why stop at just taunting? Emotes are character specific-animations you can play during battle. Find the right time and strike a pose.

Voice Taunts

Actions speak louder than words, but words can still leave a mark. Voice Taunts provoke your opponent(s) at the push of a button.

Sound On: "Don't Get Grabbed" - Xana

Victory Poses

Always leave your fans wanting more. Victory Poses change the way you pose at the camera after you win.


Paint the area of the arena with a graphic of your choosing. Holograms are quicker than taunts and last a few moments after their spawn, allowing you to resume combat with your hologram still on the battlefield.


Respawn Platforms

Return to the arena in style. Respawn platform carry you into the arena after every lost stock. Strike fear or whimsy in the heart of your opponent(s) with a carefully chosen platform.

Respawn Platforms

And more!

Icons: Combat Arena has hundreds of customization options, and more on the way that haven't been announced yet. JOIN THE BETA to see the latest!