Free For All is live in Icons Early Access!

August 22, 2018

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We at Wavedash are building Icons: Combat Arena to be the competitive platform fighting game for everyone. To us, that mission includes adding more game modes so that people can have freedom and flexibility in the way they want to play. We’re happy to announce that today’s Icons Early Access update includes the following features:

  • (Up to) 4-player Free For All in custom matches
  • 3-player Free For All in matchmaking queue games
  • First Win of the Day bonus: players receive 10 spectra for free after their first win of the day in matchmaking queue games, available once each day they play Icons

For those wondering why we are not yet supporting 4-player FFA in matchmaking queue games, the reason is that we are still working on minimizing latency in 4-player matches, and we want to avoid situations where players are matched by our automatic system with people who happen to have less stable internet connections, as this could adversely impact gameplay. In custom matches, it is much easier to ensure that all of the participants have strong and stable internet connections, and 4-player FFA is more likely to be a smooth experience. When we have resolved this issue to our satisfaction, we will release 4-player FFA matchmaking. 4-player isn’t the limit, though - we are aiming towards offering even larger-scale matches in the future, so stay tuned.

Thanks again to our entire community for your support and enthusiasm. We love seeing you enjoy Icons and share it with your friends, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts about these new features. Tag us on Twitter or Facebook, ask questions on Reddit, drop by our Discord, and use the in-game feedback form to let us know what you think.