Enter a New Arena and Try New Skins This Wednesday

May 15, 2018

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Play on Forbidden Shrine, and try out Harmony Afi & Galu, Vengeance Zhurong and Elite Ashani

Showing a glimpse of Zhurong's homeworld, the newest arena contains a single, central platform that's perfect for well-placed sword swipes and Raymer ricochets. 

Forbidden Shrine also brings an all-new track by composer Gareth Coker. Give it a listen below!

Icons: Combat Arena - Forbidden Shrine

New Skins: Harmony, Vengeance, and Elite

Afi & Galu, Zhurong, and Ashani join the fray in style this week with new skin previews. These skins are playable in the closed beta in Wednesday's playtest; next week, they'll be replaced with a new batch! All skins previewed here will be earnable by all players once Icons: Combat Arena launches.