Congratulations to the ICC Season: Zero champion

August 16, 2018

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Congratulations are in order to HyperFlame, the first champion of the Icons Challenger Circuit! HyperFlame persevered through a grueling 64-person tournament at Super Smash Con to win the historic Season: Zero trophy. We’ll get to the exciting details in a minute, but first, let’s take a look back at the last qualifier before the Finals.

August 8 - Icons Wavedash Wednesday 4

In the home stretch before the Finals, 44 players took to the arena to test their mettle. MrMime and Ulsi were already leading the Circuit Point standings by a long shot, but many others could potentially improve their rank and therefore their seeding at the Finals (in addition to the prizes). JFyst came out with his JFists swinging, not dropping a single game until Top 8 when he squeaked by Ulsi 3-2 in winners semi-finals. The close set apparently was just what JFyst needed to go super saiyan, because he then stomped MrMime and Ulsi (for a second time) 3-0 to earn a very efficient tournament win. Cicero was able to make Top 4 for the first time since Hycons 4, perhaps partly because many of the usual suspects weren’t around, but he did take out Frog 2-1 to get into Top 8 (his performance at the Finals was also impressive - see below).

Prize winners:

  • 1st: GSG.JFyst (Ashani) - $100 Steam Gift Card, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Ulsi (Kidd) - $50 Steam Gift Card, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: MrMime/BackstreetNYC (Weishan) - $25 Steam Gift Card, 2 Circuit Points

  • 4th: DWAI.Cicero (Zhurong) - 1 Circuit Point

August 11 - Icons Challenger Circuit Season: Zero Finals at Super Smash Con

The day of glory arrived. 64 hungry competitors were split up into two double-elimination pools in Phase 1, with the top four from each pool then proceeding to Top 8; seeding was determined according to Circuit Points, if applicable. HyperFlame and Tandori were on the winner’s side of the first pool, with DA.Wes and VGBC.Coney in the lower bracket. Ulsi and PG.ESAM emerged relatively unscathed from the second pool, while DWAI.Cicero and Valnishir rounded out the octet on the loser’s side.

Ulsi had a moment of triumph in the winner’s final when he defeated HyperFlame 3-2, but HyperFlame was not to be denied. After a close 3-2 loser’s finals set against Coney, who had an incredible run himself, the eternal Flame won six straight games in a row against Ulsi to reset the bracket and emphatically claim victory. Ulsi certainly has the consistency and the talent to take down any tournament either online or in-person - time will tell whether he’ll be able to take the crown for real in a future Icons Challenger Circuit. In the meantime, the crowd cheered wildly for all of the finalists who demonstrated the cutting edge of Icons skill on the big stage.

Top 8 Results

  • 1st: HyperFlame

  • 2nd: Ulsi

  • 3rd: VGBC.Coney

  • 4th: Valnishir

  • 5th: PG.ESAM

  • 5th: Tandori

  • 7th: DWAI.Cicero

  • 7th: DA.Wes

Thanks to everyone who participated in Season: Zero and showed us all the huge potential of Icons esports! We’ll have news soon about the next season - in the meantime, keep sharpening your skills and giving us feedback so Icons can continue being the premier platform fighting game for everyone. See you next time!