Character unlocking changes in Icons

July 20, 2018

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We love the feedback from our Early Access players, and we’re testing important adjustments that affect the character unlocking system in response. Here’s what’s changed and what’s coming down the pipeline.

We're listening

Here at Wavedash Games, we’re super happy to see Icons: Combat Arena finally out on Steam Early Access and very pleased about all of the thoughtful feedback we’ve received from players so far. We knew there were great expectations from the community regarding the game as a whole, and we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standard during Early Access so that Icons is as fun and vibrant as possible when we go into the official release. Here’s a rundown of the changes we’ve made so far and a preview of a big update coming up in August.

First, after reading all of the comments about the game on Steam, Reddit, and other community spaces, we’ve concluded that the most pressing issue is the rate at which players can unlock and play characters without paying money. While it is important to make sure unlocking characters feels like a true achievement, it is also important for players to be able to try out all of the different playstyles to find the main that suits them the best. We are now developing and testing approaches to improve this part of the game as we try to see what works before the full release. The following changes are already live:

  • All characters are now playable in Training Mode.

  • All players receive 1,100 spectra (in-game currency) when they start the game, enough to immediately unlock an additional character.

While this is a good starting point, there are additional changes we are working on right now to improve economic balance and the player progression experience. Here’s what we have in store for the August update:

  • Portal Packs will contain more spectra (this will roll out gradually as we adjust balance).

  • Players will unlock new characters at a faster rate through Quick Match.

  • The mechanics of player progression will be clearer and more visible.

  • Players will be able to choose the characters they want to unlock using a new Character Unlock Token from Portal Packs earned via Quick Match gameplay.

Please note that these changes are not necessarily going to be in the game permanently, as Early Access is an important time for testing and iteration on fundamental systems in Icons. We’ll continue to read all of the reviews and comments our players are contributing, and there will be many more updates and announcements to come. We sincerely appreciate all of the encouragement and support from our community, and we can’t wait to continue this adventure with you all.