Play Characters, Get Rewards - A Progression Primer

July 30, 2018

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The more you play Icons and earn XP, the more personalized and unique your account and experience will be.

How Does Character Progression Work?

Icons is about more than pure combat on the battlefield -- it’s also about growing as a player, expressing yourself, and unlocking cool new stuff as you level up! That’s why Icons has account-focused and character-focused progression systems, so that everyone who invests time and energy into playing the game can see their own development reflected in the game itself.

You earn two kinds of XP by playing Quick Match: one for your account, and one for the specific character you are playing. When you level up your account, you receive a free Portal Pack with cosmetic and other items that might be relevant to any character. When you level up a character, say from Novice to Beginner, then you receive a prize specific to that character.

Want to learn more? We’ve made some illustrations featuring each Icons character and the rewards players earn for leveling up that character. But first, a breakdown of the kinds of items given as rewards:

  • Emotes are expressive, non-combat actions characters can perform during gameplay.

  • Skins are used to change the appearance of the character during gameplay.

  • Portraits are used to customize the icon that represents a player account.

  • Tokens are visible at the character select screen when players are hovering the cursor over different characters.

  • Charms are decoration items that appear at the score screen after a match.

Afi & Galu

Afi & Galu are two mysterious entities who share a single, elemental life force. Their connection to nature is reflected in the Flower token, Tree Pose emote, and the Cinders & Sea skin. Meanwhile, their connection to each other shows up in their Imposing portrait and High Five charm. But where does their tremendous power come from? Perhaps the Mystic skin lends a clue.


Ashani is the brilliant CEO, entrepreneur, and inventor who’s all about highlighting Earth tech. Her Powering Up emote, Visor portrait, and Copper skin emphasize her hi-tech power suit, while the Uppercut token and Ready charm remind opponents that her duds aren’t just for show. The Avenger skin gives Ashani a sleek, upgraded aesthetic to fight in the spotlight.


Kidd, the playful bounty hunter, is as light on his feet as they come, aided in no small part by the jetpack on his back (hence the Jetpack charm). While his Gruff emote, Nebula skin, and Gold token have a serious vibe, his true colors shine through in his dashing portrait. The rare Specter skin shows he’s just as comfortable in deep space as he is planetside.


Raymer, the enigmatic “freelancer,” is a study in contrasts. While not much is known about him personally, you can spot his signature hair and jacket a mile away, as evidenced by the Hair portrait, Gold token, and Jacket charm. His Bullseye emote and Azure skin radiate cool confidence, while the rare Dropkick skin shows he’s not afraid to mix it up for a job.


Weishan, prince of the Cloud Empire and general of its armies, wears his rebelliousness on his sleeve. His Proud emote and Happy portrait demonstrate his fearlessness, while his Dragon token and Outsider charm reflect his royal heritage. The Thicket and Bitter Tundra skins are a nod to his tenacity in battle, no matter the environment.


Xana, the reigning champion of the intergalactic Icons Fighting League, knows she’s the best and isn’t afraid to show it. Her Provoke emote and Gauntlets charm get in her opponent’s face, and her Silhouette portrait and Gold token tell us she’s a household name. Her Ruby and Setting Sun skins let her brawl in style.


Zhurong, the ruthless heir to the Cloud Empire, is the wielder of the imperial family’s sacred blade. Her Snapdragon skin, Profile portrait, and Imperial Dream token signal her regal heritage, while the Swipes emote and Queen’s Privilege charm show off her lethality. The Hidden Ember skin proves she’s not above a little disguise to get what she wants.

The character progression system in Icons is our way of rewarding players who take the time to develop their skill in the game with items that reveal a little more each character’s personality. As always, feel free to let us know what you think of this part of the game through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord.