This Weekend June 22-24: Help Us Test the Gallery

June 19, 2018

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Icons just got a lot of new flair

Icons has a big weekend coming up. We're letting all signups in North America from into the beta so we can stress test our servers from June 22nd 11:00am - June 24th 4:00pm Pacific. 

We're also launching a very important feature: the Gallery. We need your help testing it. To help with that, this weekend will look different than you've seen in past playtests. Read on to learn more about how you'll be putting the shop through it's paces.

Prepare to Equip

We revealed the Gallery this week, which include new emotes, skins, taunts and more. But how will you acquire those items this weekend?

When you log into Icons on Friday, you'll see a few differences:

  • The Gallery page will be active, filled with dozens of items for purchase
  • Ashani, Xana and Kidd will be available to play; other characters (Zhurong, Afi & Galu, Raymer, and Weishan) will be locked
  • You will have 5,000 spectra to spend freely

(If you purchased a Pro Account or Founders Pack, you'll have all characters already unlocked.)

The goal of this weekend is to rigorously test the different Gallery systems. Purchasing, equipping, and playing with all of the characters, skins, holograms, and more.

Wait! But what about the character I want to play?

Worry not, Zhurong mains. For testing purposes, you will have enough Spectra to unlock the characters you want for the weekend. Technically you can unlock all characters with the test spectra, though that won't leave you with as much to flaunt new skins.

Will accounts be reset after the weekend?

In the next playtest, we will be giving existing players another 1,000 spectra, and you'll continue to have the items you picked up this weekend. We WILL be resetting accounts before July 12, but not before the next playtest. (Founders Pack and Pro Accounts will remain throughout.)

Can we earn currency or portal packs during the playtest?

Not at this time. Portal packs and earning spectra from duplicates will come online closer to launch. The only way to buy items during this weekend's test is through the free spectra.

Will prices be the same at Early Access launch?

Great question! All prices are subject to change. A big goal for this weekend is learning what items draw players and what amounts are exciting. Prices may go up or down depending on how the economy shakes out.

I have opinions!

GREAT! That's why we're here! Please let us know. You can email us at, chat with us on the Official Icons Discord, or send us feedback via the in-game form. We're excited to hear what you think.

We'll see you in the arena! Please hologram responsibly.