Announcing the Icons Challenger Circuit

July 18, 2018

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Ready to prove your prowess at Icons: Combat Arena on the big stage and win great prizes along the way? Introducing the Icons Challenger Circuit, a series of tournaments in July and August to determine who will become an Icon of the gaming world. 

Icons Challenger Circuit

When we at Wavedash decided to create Icons: Combat Arena, we were inspired by one thing: the thrill of competition. We love the adrenaline of starting a match and the euphoria of pulling off a combo that took weeks of practice. We love feeling the sting of defeat turn into the iron determination to improve. And we love the way esports communities have made us into better players, friends, and people.

That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the first official Icons tournament series: the Icons Challenger Circuit. Read on for more details, and we hope to see you enter one of the online or in-person qualifiers. The first online qualifier is today, July 18, and the top prize is a $100 Steam gift card, so don’t wait to register!

Some qualifiers will be run by Wavedash Games, and some will be run by approved organizations in the Icons community, but all of them offer prizes and the opportunity to win points towards seeding at the Icons Challenger Circuit Finals at Super Smash Con 2018. Registration for online qualifiers is free, and players are encouraged to enter multiple tournaments. Open to residents of North America only - see the full circuit rules here.

Because competition is also about community, we’re partnering with the top Icons community events as well. Participating events include Hycons, The Wonder Games, and Low Tier City 6!

Wavedash Official Online Qualifiers

Dates: July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8

Start Time: 5pm PDT (UTC -7) on each day

Prizes for each qualifier:

  • 1st: $100 Steam Gift Card, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: $50 Steam Gift Card, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: $25 Steam Gift Card, 2 Circuit Point

  • 4th: 1 Circuit Point

Community Online Qualifiers

Dates: July 21 (Hycons), July 22, (Libverse)July 23 (The Wonder Games), July 31 (Hycons), August 4 (The Wonder Games), August 6 (Hycons)

Start Time: See tournament pages on

Prizes for each qualifier:

  • 1st: Icons Hat, Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 5 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: Icons Shirt, Icons Popsocket, 3 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: Icons Popsocket, 2 Circuit Point

  • 4th: 1 Circuit Point

Register on

In-Person Qualifier at Low Tier City 6

Low Tier City 6 is an event which features tournaments in multiple platform fighting games hosted at the Let’s Play Gaming Expo. There will also be fighting game tournaments happening concurrently at the Kumite in Texas event at the expo.

Date: July 27-29

Location: Irving Convention Center, Irving, Texas


  • 1st: 60% of prize pool, 10 Circuit Points

  • 2nd: 30% of prize pool, 8 Circuit Points

  • 3rd: 10% of prize pool, 6 Circuit Points

  • 4th: 5 Circuit Points

  • 5th: 4 Circuit Points

  • 7th: 2 Circuit Points

Register on before July 20. Registration fee includes access to the entire Let’s Play Gaming Expo. Final cash prize amounts will depend on number of entrants and pot bonus.

Icons Challenger Circuit Finals at Super Smash Con 2018

Super Smash Con is a massive Nintendo fan event with live music, panels, tons of esports, and much more. The Icons tournament at SSC is open-entry, but players with circuit points will be seeded according to their point ranking. The tournament will be live-streamed on Twitch.

Date: August 9-12

Location: Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA

Prizes: $1,000 Pot Bonus

  • 1st: 40% of prize pool

  • 2nd: 20% of prize pool

  • 3rd: 15% of prize pool

  • 4th: 10% of prize pool

  • 5th: 5% of prize pool

  • 7th: 2.5% of prize pool

Register as a Weekend Competitor before July 31. Registration fee includes access to all four days of SSC and a free shirt. Final cash prize amounts will depend on number of entrants and pot bonus. We'll also be accepting registration at the event itself. However, act fast, slots will fill up quickly!

This is just the first of many Icons tournament circuits, and we can’t wait to get started. Follow Icons on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and check out our subreddit for discussion about the game.

See you in the Arena!