Afi & Galu: The Elemental Duo

January 18, 2018

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Command the dual powers of fire and water with Afi and Galu, the elemental duo that’s closer than kin. While one’s safely a statue, the other springs to life - swap between them to keep your opponents on their toes!

The Power of Two

Connected by an elemental bond, Afi & Galu are never far apart. Since being discovered on a small island of their ocean-covered homeworld, they’ve only managed to learn a few simple words (like “Fluffy” for Kidd), but seem to understand much more. They consider fighting alongside their fellow Icons a kind of game, and despite not always being understood, fans love their playful attitude in the arena. 

Dynamic Duo

Afi & Galu do their fighting as a tag team: one partner takes an active role while the other reverts to an inactive statue. Switch between them to trigger a powerful burst of water (Galu) or fire (Afi) as the statue springs to life. Try placing your partner strategically, and you’ve got an elemental surprise attack!

Good positioning is important for more than just a single surprise attack. Afi & Galu also have a special ability that launches them along the path of their bond, allowing you to propel yourself toward or away from your inactive statue. This adjustable dash creates clever opportunities for extending a combo or recovering back onto the stage safely. 

Can't Touch This

While in statue form, the inactive partner is impervious to damage. Opponents can’t hit it, touch it, or push it. However, statues are still subject to the laws of gravity. Transform mid-air and your statue will fall -- hitting opponents on the way down. Be careful: if you transform while there’s nothing below you, your newly inactive partner will fall to their doom and cost you a stock.

Elemental Differences

Afi & Galu share the same basic moveset, so why choose one over the other? Aside from the strategic advantages of swapping, their elemental attacks launch opponent’s at different angles, meaning combos and KO attacks change depending on the active partner. Afi’s fire-based attacks hit your foes outward, while Galu’s water attacks launch at a more upward angle. 

See You in the Arena

Stay tuned for more Icons reveals as we ramp into 2018. In fact, you won't have to wait long for more Afi & Galu: they're hitting our Closed Beta next week! Only a handful of players are in Beta right now, but we're adding more every week. To add your name to the list, sign up here.