2017 Recap and the Closed Beta

December 20, 2017

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Here we go

Since we first announced Icons: Combat Arena, so much has happened. We've grown from a scrappy handful of devs to a team of more than 30 from all across the industry. We've seen our community grow by the thousands, all unanimous in one thing: we all want a  platform fighter that transforms the genre.

Thanks to our fans, Icons has generated more feedback than we knew was possible. You’ve helped us improve our characters and the feel of the game’s movement. And soon you will be able to help us perfect our online play too!

Read on for a taste of what's ahead as we build the platform fighter for the next decade.

Hello, Closed Beta

Icons: Combat Arena is officially out of Alpha and into Closed Beta.

Actually it started two weeks ago, with our first Friends & Family test! Rather than a wide rollout, we're opting for a slow burn: a few dozen players to start, growing to hundreds by the end of 2017, and thousands as we race into the new year.

While we originally hoped to be in Open Beta this fall, the Wavedash team decided to take some extra time to polish the Icons game engine and to make sure our online play would be world class before we released the game to the world. Your feedback has been vital in shaping the future of the product, and we plan to continue that trend as we move towards a true Open Beta in 2018. Keep an eye on this blog, as well as our FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for an official announcement next year.

In the meantime, here's how Closed Beta will work:

  • We're rolling out 500 invites to beta testers by the end of 2017, chosen from players who have helped us playtest the game at events from throughout 2017

  • Those testers will join us for our first large-scale beta test in early January

  • We will continue adding hundreds more over the course of January, and keep growing from there

For now, Closed Beta will be in North America only. As the beta grows over 2018, we'll be looking to expand to Europe and other regions. We'll let you know as soon as our plans for betas in other regions are ready.

This is the start. There will be many more opportunities to join, and more invites to go around. These tests will push the mechanical and functional limits for the game, paving the way for a much better Open Beta.

Icons in 2018

While you’re waiting for your invite to arrive, you can still start your arena preparations. Sign up at icons.gg/signup to put yourself on the beta invite list, hang out with us on the Official Icons Community Discord, and join the conversations on Twitter and Reddit. 2018 will bring more invites, more stages, and more characters - which starts with Afi & Galu, our duo character. We can't wait for you to meet them.

Most importantly: thank you for an epic 2017. Let's make 2018 even better