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August 10, 2017

We're Returning to Super Smash Con!

We’re returning to Super Smash Con this year, where for the first time ever, Icons: Combat Arena will be playable by the public. Find our booth on the show floor for a hands-o...

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Icons Alpha Gameplay Livestream Recap

On July 27th we held our first ever gameplay live stream, featuring the first extended look at characters Xana and Raymer. The stream also featured a lengthy Q and A with the ...

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Behind the Name "Icons: Combat Arena"

The day after our gameplay announcement, we hopped on Reddit to answer hundreds of questions from the community. Over the coming weeks we will be posting the most popular ques...

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When's Gameplay? Tomorrow.

The trailer premiers live on-stream at the Evo Fighting Game championships, airing after top eight completes for Tekken 7, just before Smash 4. The estimated time is at 3pm Pa...

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Zhurong: The Empress

The fifth fighter revealed for Icons: Combat Arena, Zhurong is an expert swordwoman and ruler of an ancient empire. After being forced to battle her brother over their competi...

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Welcome to Icons

There are many reasons to fight. Some fight for prestige, some for their people, and some just for fun. Whatever their reason, those that enter the arena share one goal: to be...